Home is a place where you feel you belong after a while of traveling around to globe or just close by. It’s the place where you store your memories of the moments you have experienced during your travels.

In the era we live now we store them at home and we share them with others. Who are interested in those stories, memories and life action moments? Who is that kind of interested person. This person is now reading this introduction of my website.

I am Fred. I’m from The Netherlands and I’m trying to conquer the world on my own way. See new places, meet new people and share these experiences with others. I hope you like to see and read my website.

At the moment my website changing. So you will be able to find stories, which is written in my mother language Dutch as other stories written in English. I’m speaking personally 3 languages moderate to fluent. These languages are Dutch, English and German. I’m trying to learn some new languages, as i’m still currently trying to get to learn Portuguese.

Enjoy my website and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely Fred…