2017 in a nutshell

January was a boring and not so interesting start of the year.

February I met a wonderful and lovely woman.

March NDF II visit and had a blast of a time. Finnish invasions are good ones.

April Met at that Time an other wonderful person and traveled 2 weeks in Europe after that there was the moment of Road burn and traveling to Stockholm.

May unexpected twists visit London for a weekend and a wedding on my birthday with more then 100 persons singing happy birthday. Short time and back right away on a plane to Almaty Kazakhstan. And probably the last time.

June not so special birthdays and drama.

July neither special in the end more drama.

August the drama keeps going but I made a trip to Croatia for a weekend. Which replaced my mind towards other things.

Time to end the drama and move on.

September drama is over time for new adventures. Barcelona nice and warm. After that to the Baltic. Met in Vilnius a few of the best people of the year. No doubt about of that and wild night.

Latvia trip was short but good. In Tallinn I met some awesome people and I hope for one of them . The startup will work out great!!

Finland hockey and music. Get bankrupt on alcohol but worth the trip!!

October was okay worked hard and a lot.

November a nice and sweet month. Back to Lithuania. Visit Vilnius and Kaunas, good times.

December nice month drama and happiness. The year is almost over and the forecast of 2018 is looking good. Trying to finish my website with more pages and new pages.

All those I met and supported and took care. Thanks.