Road to Tallinn.

In September 2017 I traveled to Estionia on my way to Helsinki. I started in Vilnius Lithuania and Estonia was the 3rd country on that trip to visit.

The road to Tallinn started in Latvia with a tour, but the first city which I visited in Estonia was Valga. A border town, in this city we visited a history war museum. It explained the military acts from before World War I.


From Valga we traveled to Helme Order Castle Ruins. We walked there and saw some ruins from a former castle.

From Helme Order Castle Ruins we moved forwards to Viljandi. In this city we visited other ruins called Viljandi rippsild.


At this place we did some swinging, that was quite fun and it’s a sport actually in Estonia.

Form Viljandi we continued to Tallinn a few hour drive to get there. We got dropped of at out hostels as we were just only the 2 of us.



In Tallinn the hostel where I stayed was on first sight little strange but it was okay. I went vapiano in the end, because it was quite late to search for local food.

The day after I went for a tour with a girl. She showed me around the city. sadly it was raining a lot that day. so the next day I had to do something else. But it was okay.

I got a lot of information about the city and where to go. That night I went for a dinner somewhere in town. Food was okay, but it was fun as there was a lady trying to guess my profession. She almost got it but it took some time. She was drunk and she asked me to go to the beach. It wasn’t really a beach night and the location where it was i had no clue as it was far form the center. I didn’t want to take some risk to get lost in the end.


After the dinner i went for some night pictures and tried my best on the main square.
I visited also a maritime museum which was interesting and good to do due the weather conditions.

From Tallinn i took the boat to Helsinki.