September 2017 I visited Latvia during my Baltic trip from Vilnius towards Helsinki.

Riga was the second city I visited in this area. I stayed only 2 days here, but it was more then enough for me.

During my stay I joined a city walk. More the alternative way because we went out of the old town and more into suburbans near the old town.


During my walk in the city I noticed there is a monkey in a space suit. It’s SAM a project of Denis Parsolov.

This art object is large how ever it took me 2 walks through the park to find it. Basically it’s not to miss at all.

The building in the picture above is the Academy of Sciences aka Stalin’s birthday cake. This is an historical building which is able to visit. unfortunately I haven’t been in there. How ever there are more buildings similar looking then this one. In Warsaw the Palace of culture and Science for example.

In the same trip I joined a tour from Riga to Tallinn. on this trip we visited some towns in Latvia: Cēsis and nature area around: Sietiņiezis. Followed by the border town Valka. Where we entered into Estonia.

During that tour we stopped at the bobsleigh track Sigulda, It’s one of the 16 tracks in the world on the official program.