At the moment that I started to write about Lithuania. I was were in a coffee place in Vilnius. The writing starts actually some months ago in September when I visited Lithuania for the first time. I had no expectations of the country or people. But after 4 days I can say it’s great I choose to go here.

Met awesome people, nightlife is good and maybe but crazy, but how cares about that. Enjoy the time, the moment. That’s where about. Vilnius is not a huge city but a cozy one with old and new parts. Most important places are on walking distance. Public transport can be a hassle in the beginning, but easy to figure out where you want to go. It’s a good place to spend the weekend. I hope I will visit more places in the future within Lithuania. Probably I’ll do that by car. Love road trips. Trakai is a near small city with a castle. Visit is worth for a half day entrance just below 10 euro that’s included the possibilities to make photos.


To Kaunas I traveled in the end by train instead the bus. The ticket for the train was cheaper then the one I actually bought for the bus. So it’s worth to look for the best and relaxed option to travel.

Basically free WiFi and power outlets will comfort the journey. Arrived I Kaunas I walked from the train station to the hostel. It is a nice hostel, but in the end I could better have chosen one closer.

It is close to the parts of the castle. From there you can walk into the old part of Kaunas. Which is cozy and historical.
It is easy to walk around not to difficult not to get lost.

Dinner places in both Vilnius and Kaunas enough to choose but just find the right one.
Kaukas bar (Kaunas) where you can drink lots of different beers. And they serve some food.
Grill London cheap good food. (You can find them in Vilnius and Kaunas)