Peruvian adventure

In 2016 I’ve traveled to Peru for a couple of weeks. From Amsterdam I took a flight to Lima. Towards Lima it was a direct flight. nothing to worry about. In Lima i stay only one night. this was a horrible night. because there was a party going on whole night long. Early in the morning I took a taxi to the airport and took a flight to Cuzco. for my first real high altitude experience few days above 3000 meters was sick. I mean sick i became sick didn’t feel well didn’t eat properly, but met a few great people from Chile.

I spend first some days in Cuzco to get used to the altitude, before heading towards Machu Picchu. In a few days In a few days I lost quite a lot of weight. it was recommended to drink at least 3 liters of water. that was a challenge on the first place. i drunk also for the first time coca tea. the taxi driver suggested me to drink some other herbs. Which as better for the altitude.

I visited with 2 girls from Chile some historical places within Cuzco and surroundings. This was nice and also great to see some history. How ever I’ve been to Mexico before and it looked similarĀ  to be honest some small differences in building the structures of course.

Machu Picchu

In Machu Picchu or Aguascalientes. what the official name is of the town. I stayed in a cheap hotel. I walked around the city an took a bath in hot springs. which was expensive because I was a foreigner.

The day after I went to visit Machu Picchu took a bus to the top of the mountain. As I was having pain still from leg to the back it wasn’t nice to do. How ever i enjoyed the view up there and suddenly people wanted to take pictures with me because I’m tall and not from there.

At Machu Picchu I met my friends where I was planning to travel with, they arrived later after i saw almost the whole place not really the whole place, because I would be dead by then. We went together down back to the town. picked up my stuff, but something was weird and i didn’t feel good.

Bingo Diarrhea, I had to walk for 2 hours with pain, towards a different town with my friends. we had to take a taxi also which was an experience… stayed in a small hotel.


From Santa Teresa we took a mini bus to Cuzco. This was a hell for me, but I survived. The bus trip was 6 hours long, an crossed some mountain passes at 5000 meters altitude, never before I crossed a mountain pass at this altitude.

Back in Cuzco we took it easy. wandering round the city a bit looking for options to go the day after. the next day we looked around to find a tour company to bring us to some places. We found a taxi driver who wanted to do this for not to much money and had a decent car.

How ever we got a semi accident on the way and his front axle broke. I noticed this right away after it happened. he thought it was find, we told him to drive slowly and careful, but this man was loco. he kept driving faster then he should be.

Puerto Maldonado

After Cuzco me and one friend decide to visit the jungle. We took a night bus which took 9 hours to get there. We got picked up by the company where we booked or jungle trip.

We had to wait like an hour. Before we went to the boat, which took us to the place where we spending the next 5 days. During this jungle trip we took sever activities and an early morning boat trip with breakfast on the boat. To see a bounce of green parrots eating. How ever the sunrise was wonderful.

from Puerto Maldonado / Cuzco I traveled to Puno . I stayed there a few days and did a boat trip for some hours on lake Titicaca. Form Puno I traveled to Bolivia.


The trip to Arequipa was long. It was longer then planned. the bus from Bolivia was slow. This city was lower in altitude and very white colored. I visited here some museums. but wasn’t able to visit some nature areas in the area.


I stayad my last few days in Lima. walked around the city center but most places where shutdown because some political event with the toppers as the former president of the USA, Obama and some other country dudes.