LinkedIn – annoyances

LinkedIn messages of recruiters

Lately I receive quite a lot of requests for interests in new opportunities. Unfortunately for the most recruiters I’m not interested. The way how they contact you is disturbing, I mean lack of total information about the function and the company. Just a plain standard text in the hope you reply back.

I receive regular messages¬† if I’m open for a change and new challenge. The LinkedIn¬† settings I have “not open for career changes”.¬† Actually if I have the intention to make a move I’ll look for that opportunity.

I know there are more possibilities available, but if you want to write make makes at least a good impression with a total overview that makes my attention.

Probably many others agree with me who receive this kind of messages. I hope some people who do their job as recruiters read this message too and hope to understand what to do. a message of few lines is not convincing people to even take care of making a move.

I work in a branch where there is a lot of job possibilities open, but be smart how to make it attractive to people to make a career switch (if the want).

Advice to the recruiters

Don’t just ask a bounce of people if they want to work. Make it smart and act as a support for a company, who needs a new member, to find the correct one and don’t let them get into the circle of why he or she wants to change, no he or she takes the opportunity to grow.

Offer the person where you interested in, the possibilities to grow and support them in the way they want to go to work for you and why you think this individual is the one for you company to complete the team.